10 Lessons Everyone Learns In Their 20s

Stuffs to be learned during 20’s 🙂

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1. Metabolism isn’t magic.

It’s hard not to get used to the grotesque Roman orgy of eating habits that is youth. You can live on an uninterrupted diet of Mountain Dew, Doritos, and the errant Toaster Strudel for when you’re feeling like doing a bit of kitchen work, never seeing an ounce of your folly go straight to your carefree hips. Then, at a certain point, you eat an Oreo and can actually watch that bad boy travel from your esophagus to your ass if you stand in front of a full-length mirror. And the energy you constantly felt, regardless of the day’s activities or the time you’d gotten up that morning? Now, if you’re not living on a diet of nothing but kale and Yoga For Self-Righteous People, you’re essentially comatose by 3 PM. It appears that being healthy requires work, and few things in life seem to suck…

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No Cursing. Just Crushing.

ang awkward naman kasi kung outright mong itatanong , “may gusto ka ba sa akin?”

Since lately, nagiging idol kona si ramon b. E, gagawa din ako ng aking sarilng tips/strategies at moves kung pano mo malalaman kung “crush ka nga ng crush mo”.

Here’s mine.. hihi

Eye contact. Check his/her pupils. Pag naka’dilate, mas malaki ang chances na attracted siya sa yo. ( Although pwede ring madilim lang, or naka’hithit siya. lol ) mahirap makita kung dilated ang pupils sa Asians. Pero try pa rin natin. HAHA!


nga pala, nag-w’widen yung pupils pag less na maliwanag kasi ang tendency mag-g’gather sya ng more light to see things, kaya dadalhin mo sya sa saktong light intensity lang, di masyadong maliwanag o madilim (kasi mahirap namang makita ang pupils pag less yung light.) mind you people, it’s hard to check cause im doing this. haha! tandaan, nasa intensity ang susi ng accuracy ng tip na ito 😀

Pag di kayo masyadong close, check the body language: If he or she faces you, and exposes his or her belly button area to you when you guys interact, it means that comfortable siya sayo and he or she is into you. yun na yun. once na comfortable sya sayo  it means na your doing well. haha

Eto, sex-specific: watch out for his nose. Pag nangangati habang kausap kayo, usually nae-L yan. May erectile tissues kasi sa ilong, kung kaya’t di mo man makikita yun something niya eh may idea ka na na-a’arouse na siya. Pwede ring nagsisinungaling siya. Pero malay mo binobola ka niya, so pwedeng sabay. Haha! Basta either way, na-e’excite siya.  Yung mga laging nangungulangot, alam niyo na. LMAO!

Basta walang isang SUREBALL na sign. Marami yan, it takes practice and a whole lot of landi to be able to tell if potential customer mo si kuya or si Ate. 


although syempre, iwould advise telling your crush, kahit pa-joke lang, na you like him or her. Knowing that another person likes you, as a neutral stimulus, increases the chances that he or she will like you back.


Sometimes, taking stupid risks is what makes life worth living.