That dot.

It’s about that feeling where you’re talkin’ to someone and you think you got something going good ( sort of?! lol. ), then all of a sudden that person disappears for no reason, leaves you in the dark outta nowhere, and you’re like wtf. HAHA. 

reminds me of this song….

the frist part says,

there’s something about you, don’t understand how you, go on and drive me so
Crazy, cus all that I really do, find myself thinkin bout you, maybe it’s the smile on your face
Seems like yesterday, would talk for hours each night, felt like you were by my side
Why did things have to change: you started avoiding me, continued ignoring me, and I don’t know why

Don’t know what happened, thought things were goin well, got me sayin what the hell

Don’t gotta hold back, just be true to your heart, lemme give you my all” 


guess what.

im not gonna tell you d’ title! sucker. lol




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