Napadpad ako sa isang lugar kung saan never kong nakita ang sarili ko.

sa BPO 🙂

Im not the type na maghahanap ng trabaho after college (petiks ee. lol ) then, it all started when iwas in a mall nagpapakalat kalat. then someone asked me if iwant to try daw sa kanila, at first idoubted ( prominent kasi yung company nila when it comes to BPO’s and feeling iwon’t pass their standards) but iguess, great things come when you least expect it.  and to cut d’ story short igot hired 🙂

July 29 orientation. and as always im late (HAHAHA) there’s no place to seat, wala late ako ee. then there she offered me a seat. at dahil suplada ko di man lang ako nag thankyou at dalidaling umupo. lol

igot four seatmates and they became my friends. Then training came and yung tatlo don are my closest friends now. Masaya ko because i met them, we had a lot of bondings together . t’was an awesome experience 🙂

I’ll tell you about this person, who i never thought na mapapa’head over feet ako. haha

she’s a good friend of mine. yeah you heard it right it’s a her! lol.

At first ok pa ee, pero as days passed by parang may iba… Ijust dont know what.

She lingered in my memory. Or maybe it was my memory who clung to her.

Then nagising nalang ako isang araw, ijust knew it was something different 🙂

On my darkest days, she helped me pull myself together. She never left me til I was okay.

I was content with whatever we have at that time. I was content to be just her friend. My feelings for her grew, even though I tried my best to keep it suppressed.

At times we  talk about each other’s lovelife. Siya nagtatanong pero ako sobrang bihira, minsan pa’joke nga lang ako ee. Nakakaselos pero sino ba naman ako diba. I tried na layuan siya. Countless times. (seryoso, i’ve lost in count.) But destiny has its way to make me come back to her. mag good morning lang siya sa text or kamustahin ako on how my day went tuwang-tuwa na ko. Ang babaw ng kaligayahan ko when it comes to her.

However, recently dumalang na lalo communication namin. Then, I found out na sobarng ok na ule sila ng kanyang girlfriend. Oo, masakit para sakin pero I’m happy for her. Gusto ko man i-tweet na #IAin’tOver (for me), but it’s already GAMEOVER

Heng saketttt lang, Ive been in d’ point na iwas hoping na yung tipong pag natapilok ka sana burado na siya sa memory mo.

I was at the right place at the right time kaya ko lang siya nakilala. Hindi man niya alam kung paano niya ako napapasaya sa mga maliliit na bagay na nagawa niya para sakin, I’m happy na naging parte siya ng buhay ko.

Maraming tao ang passerby lang sa buhay natin, but that doesn’t mean na di sila importante. They were meant to pass by in our lives – to give pain, joy, love, suffering, learning, etc. It’s through them, kaya tayo natututo. They help us to get better. They were meant to be part of our stories.

I fight to win. Ayokong natatalo. None of us wanted defeat kahit sa anong aspeto ng buhay natin. Pero ang natutunan ko because of her, hindi parating ikaw ang panalo. Hindi mo kailangan parating lumaban lalo na if it’s not even your battle to start with.

I’m a fighter, but I know when to give up and accept defeat.

this song reminds me of that.


Close your eyes, clear your heart, let it go :)

Close your eyes, clear your heart, let it go 🙂


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