• I will try my best not to lose my umbrella.
    An umbrella is pretty much one of the important things to have, especially when you’re a commuter. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I still end up extremely drenched in rain even when I have an umbrella. That’s the reason why I seldom use mine. Anyway, when I use my umbrella, and put it somewhere while I’m doing something (maybe eating or sleeping) I always forget that it was there. And maybe remember it when I’m already home, or remember it the next day. And when I come back to the place where I left it, it’s not there anymore. Lol. Always.
  • Balance things out / Set priorities.
    I’m not that kind of person who refuses to go out with  friends just because I have so much work to do.. In fact, I am easily influenced by my friends to hang out on weekends, or after work, or during breaks. I rarely say No. Maybe that’s the reason why I cram on things. Maybe I should set priorities and learn to refuse. Or know how to balance things out, like time management or something.
  • Be still.
    “God will fight the battle for you. You need only to be still.” Because to tell you the truth, I don’t know how to handle stress. I don’t know how to relax when everything else is fucked up. I break down, cry, curse people, telling them to die, and then say things I don’t mean, and regret it the next day. Things like that. I DON’T KNOW EXACTLY HOW TO CALM THE FUCK DOWN. Seriously. I will try to relax this year. You know, like deal with things wisely. 
  • Have fun.
    Because I strongly believe (naks) that the office is the gate way to hell.( JK! HAHA) aside from killing the que of calls, ishould kill the stress too. Like having fun as a kiddo. But of course, I still need to balance things out and set my priorities 🙂 all the fun is saved right after I finished those priorities. (yown oh!)
  • And the last: FUCK ‘EM
    I think the primary reason of why my life was not that good because I cared too much. I gave too many fucks. I gave too much attention on things that doesn’t concern me. I got attached to people. Maybe this time I will be.. normal. You know? Like knowing what’s happening but does not really want to be in it. But I think this one’s the hardest. I will try not to give a flying, hardcore fuck.

Sooo yes.

Let all these things be done in the name of.. oreo cheesecake  ** evil laugh **

– dree


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