When you meet someone, it’s sort of magical.

You guys would talk nonstop cos you’re in that stage where you want to know about each other more. That stage where your single thought consists of talking to that person, being always around them, or somewhere along those lines. You guys would text all hours of day and enjoy phone calls at night until one of you falls asleep on the phone. When the sun rises, whoever wakes up first sends the first “good morning” text cos’ the first thing that came to your mind was him/her. This is the stage where you get that tingly sensation all over your body. Those butterflies, too. It’s when you still get nervous around them when you hang out, yet, for some reason, you’re comfortable at the same time. But eventually, you’ll get used to their presence and you’ll adjust easily.

Whether it has happened or it still is, CHERISH IT. Cherish those cute little moments when you guys would do anything just to talk and be together because those won’t last. In the long run, one of you will get tired of it, one of you will slowly drift away. That “spark” that you once had isn’t going to shine as bright as it used to.

Here’s another advice, DON’T TAKE THOSE MOMENTS FOR GRANTED. When you’re both in that flirting stage, make it last long. Just because you already have that person in the palm of your hands, doesn’t mean you’d have to stop adoring them like you used to. There will always be room for improvement, or so they say.

For most people, the moment they get what they wanted, they’ll stop trying. That’s when efforts start to lessen and that’s when they get bored. Those quick replies you once got are going to stop. Compared to when you guys first met, they would probably reply to you a little later than usual and then after a while, they won’t even answer anymore. Remember those times when you had your phone in your hands 24/7 cos’ your days consisted of talking so-and-so? You literally blocked the whole world out just to spend time talking to them. There’s a slim chance for those moments to come back because efforts won’t be the same again. And that talking-on-the-phone-till-one-falls-asleep will eventually stop, too. I bet they would even come up with all the crappiest excuses just to cover it up. Truth be told, there’ll be a time when they would no longer want to talk to you cos they’re tired of doing the same old thing, talking about the same old stuff over and over.

Usually when this happens, almost every relationship ends in the most cliché breakups — the “it’s not you, it’s me” kind of thing. That’s what’s going to hurt. You’re going to feel like you didn’t put enough effort in the relationship when in reality, he/she didn’t. Don’t take it as if you failed — they did. It’s not your loss, it’s theirs. You know you deserve better.

But for some who value their other half than the glory days of their relationship, they will strike a match to make that “spark” into a burning flame. Love can be expressed not just during times of happiness, but especially in times of hardships and trials. The good and bad are only part of a relentless fluctuating cycle. People want love but not many will work for it.





– Dree