Have you ever missed someone that was literally sitting right next to you?

Like you start to realize that you’re not as close to each other as you once were. You still talk to them, but not as much as you used to.

You still see them, yet it’s as if you’re looking at a stranger.

It kinda sucks too because that special bond you once had with them just disappeared in thin air.

They’re sitting so close to you, but you feel so distant from them. I fucking hate that feeling.






Those nights where you toss and turn in bed trying to fall asleep, but your mind won’t allow you. You just lay there and think.
You think about every single possible thing that is going on in your life.You think of your friends,your family ,your problems,your feelings and your worries. Or maybe you don’t and you end up just reminiscing about the past. About the people who disappeared on you, and who changed the way are. In those moments where you can’t fall asleep, that’s when you do all of your thinking and you know what? it’s scary.



Dear You,

I never thought that I’ll meet someone like you.

With you, everything is possible. You are crazy as ever, my best buddy/lover forever and my worst enemy at all times. I feel security in your words of encouragement.

You never pull me down. I am a crazy piece of crap yet you are always there, pretending not to care about my dismissive side. Sometimes, I’ll shut myself down. I won’t let you in, I push you away. But among all people, I’m glad because you have enough courage to open my heart and understand.

Thank you for the months that we’ve been enemies, best friends, a family and best buddies. Sorry for those inconvenient times that we’re not communicating with each other. I know we have this spur relationship with each other wherein we’re miles and miles apart (for me, lols!)  yet we’re stronger than anyone else in this world.

Thank you mars, happy 10 months and I love you! ♥




Isko Teaching high school students:

Isko: Ok, recall. matter is anything that occupies space and has mass. Note, occupies space AND (emphasis on and) has mass. Dapat ma satisfy yung dalawa. Di pwedeng isa lang. Di pwedeng may mass lang. Di pwedeng occupies space lang.

Halimbawa, itong mesa na ito, matter ba ito? check natin. 1. It occupies space naman in our class room. 2. May mass ba sya?

S: Yes sir

Isko: Yes! Correct, what about this chair?

S: Yes sir

Isko: correct!! What about Love?

S: (nawindang)

Isko: Does love occupy space?

S: (silent)

Isko: Yes! it occupies space! in your heart! right? but, it does not have mass.. Therefore it’s not matter. What MATTERs is the one you love, aside from occupying space, meron syang mass. See? Love doesn’t matter, the one that matters is the one you love.



To be honest, I miss you. I miss talking to you.

I miss spending countless hours on the phone with you.

I miss waking up to the thought of someone wanting to be with me.

I miss it all.

If I could, I would go back, to change how we ended, I’d do so in a heart beat. It pains me to see you and you look down as if I don’t exist. As if what we had meant nothing to you. Out of all 10 billion people in the world, I fell for you. I don’t think you understand how beautiful that really is. Out of everyone I’ve ever met, out of all the people I’ve ever had any contact with you were the one I fell for and honestly that is simply amazing. And no matter how many times I tell you this, it still means nothing to you.




I’ve realized that life is too short to spend it unhappy in any aspect. don’t like your job? quit. don’t like where you live? move. stop waiting for permission and just do it. you’ll never be happy unless you let yourself be happy. and there’s nothing wrong with doing things solely because they make you happy. you shouldn’t need any other reasoning. if someone doesn’t understand, it’s because they themselves aren’t happy. don’t let anything bring you down.”


Dear you,

I miss the way my morning always starts with your sweet morning messages. This brings not only the drive for me to wake up with a good start but also the grin plastered on my face almost throughout the day.

I miss how you insist I continue talking to you when I had other obligations to do. It makes me laugh and yet my heart melts for how much you don’t get bored of almost conversing with me everyday.

I miss the times when you call out of a sudden because you claim to miss me so much even when our daily lives almost revolving around each other. Hearing your voice was simply enough to make my day no matter what crap we talked about.

Your company was something I have always enjoyed,even when the duration was short. I miss how you continued to hold my hand even when fights occur and I insist to let go of your hands.When our fingers intertwine, it makes me feel safe and somehow I could sense how proud you were to show me off to others.

I miss the way you surprise me with our food tripping dates.You know too well how much love I have with it and that is why you plan it every time. In all honesty, I love you more when you take note of the things I love. I miss the way you look at me when we lock eyes.

If there is one thing I love about people, it’s their eyes.The way your eyes sparkle with glee when you lay your eyes on me and how a grin follows afterwards, you make me fall madly in love with you.

So tell me,do you miss what I miss?




And I wonder why do the innocent ones suffer more?

Why can’t they be the first ones to get the happiness they deserved for so long?

Why must they be the ones watching them be happy while they’re still mending their broken heart?

Unfair, that’s how the world is and yet can’t the tables turn for this?

Questions all building up one by one and yet I’m still hoping that someday all these answers will come.

And I hope when that time comes i’ll finally get what I really deserve and more importantly the true happiness I deserve.