I created a short check list on how we’ll make this year the best one 😀

1. Wear the dress you have always wanted to wear that you think will give you confidence.

2. Have a positive outlook in life,a smile would boost your mood, don’t forget to put them on.

3. Talk to someone with a positive vibe so you’d feel better.

4. It is good to have a look at yourself with confidence from time to time.

5. When you feel down and there’s no one to talk to, listen to good songs. Songs are good motivators.

5. Treat yourself as if you are the person you’ve ever wanted to be with.

6. Have a daily dose of positivity by making someone happy.Everything has goodness—keep this in mind.

7. Force yourself to get up early. Maybe you need to spend more time awake. (believe me you’re missing a lot when you’re asleep)

8. Use nature—the flowers, trees, grasses, blue skies and cold breeze you’ve always adored—to help you stay a little more positive whenever something gets to you.

9. Cry. but not just because you’re mad, but because you’re removing your old self through tears.

10. Kindess will help you be happy, and it will give away happiness to others as well.

11. Initiate conversations even once in a while. Just try.

12. Next time you feel like nauseating because you’re feeling miserable, smile a little wider. Even if it pains you, just smile.

13. Get yourself together, keep yourself intact. Be there for yourself, because surely, there’s not always someone who’s going to be around.

Put up with yourself like you’ve always did…Only this , it’ll be different. I promise.
It’s not going to cause you more sorrow…
Never again.
This time, it’s different.

I deserve to be happy. You deserve to be happy.We deserve to be happy.




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