Dear you,

I miss the way my morning always starts with your sweet morning messages. This brings not only the drive for me to wake up with a good start but also the grin plastered on my face almost throughout the day.

I miss how you insist I continue talking to you when I had other obligations to do. It makes me laugh and yet my heart melts for how much you don’t get bored of almost conversing with me everyday.

I miss the times when you call out of a sudden because you claim to miss me so much even when our daily lives almost revolving around each other. Hearing your voice was simply enough to make my day no matter what crap we talked about.

Your company was something I have always enjoyed,even when the duration was short. I miss how you continued to hold my hand even when fights occur and I insist to let go of your hands.When our fingers intertwine, it makes me feel safe and somehow I could sense how proud you were to show me off to others.

I miss the way you surprise me with our food tripping dates.You know too well how much love I have with it and that is why you plan it every time. In all honesty, I love you more when you take note of the things I love. I miss the way you look at me when we lock eyes.

If there is one thing I love about people, it’s their eyes.The way your eyes sparkle with glee when you lay your eyes on me and how a grin follows afterwards, you make me fall madly in love with you.

So tell me,do you miss what I miss?




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