To be honest, I miss you. I miss talking to you.

I miss spending countless hours on the phone with you.

I miss waking up to the thought of someone wanting to be with me.

I miss it all.

If I could, I would go back, to change how we ended, I’d do so in a heart beat. It pains me to see you and you look down as if I don’t exist. As if what we had meant nothing to you. Out of all 10 billion people in the world, I fell for you. I don’t think you understand how beautiful that really is. Out of everyone I’ve ever met, out of all the people I’ve ever had any contact with you were the one I fell for and honestly that is simply amazing. And no matter how many times I tell you this, it still means nothing to you.



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  1. You just dont know hot it pains me as well. But you know what the good part is? In the end we never gave up and still we held on to each other instead of letting go.

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