Isko Teaching high school students:

Isko: Ok, recall. matter is anything that occupies space and has mass. Note, occupies space AND (emphasis on and) has mass. Dapat ma satisfy yung dalawa. Di pwedeng isa lang. Di pwedeng may mass lang. Di pwedeng occupies space lang.

Halimbawa, itong mesa na ito, matter ba ito? check natin. 1. It occupies space naman in our class room. 2. May mass ba sya?

S: Yes sir

Isko: Yes! Correct, what about this chair?

S: Yes sir

Isko: correct!! What about Love?

S: (nawindang)

Isko: Does love occupy space?

S: (silent)

Isko: Yes! it occupies space! in your heart! right? but, it does not have mass.. Therefore it’s not matter. What MATTERs is the one you love, aside from occupying space, meron syang mass. See? Love doesn’t matter, the one that matters is the one you love.




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