Dear You,

I never thought that I’ll meet someone like you.

With you, everything is possible. You are crazy as ever, my best buddy/lover forever and my worst enemy at all times. I feel security in your words of encouragement.

You never pull me down. I am a crazy piece of crap yet you are always there, pretending not to care about my dismissive side. Sometimes, I’ll shut myself down. I won’t let you in, I push you away. But among all people, I’m glad because you have enough courage to open my heart and understand.

Thank you for the months that we’ve been enemies, best friends, a family and best buddies. Sorry for those inconvenient times that we’re not communicating with each other. I know we have this spur relationship with each other wherein we’re miles and miles apart (for me, lols!)  yet we’re stronger than anyone else in this world.

Thank you mars, happy 10 months and I love you! ♥




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