Forgetting you is the one thing that I’ll probably never be able to do, but letting go of you is something I already did.

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To be honest, I miss you. I miss talking to you.

I miss spending countless hours on the phone with you.

I miss waking up to the thought of someone wanting to be with me.

I miss it all.

If I could, I would go back, to change how we ended, I’d do so in a heart beat. It pains me to see you and you look down as if I don’t exist. As if what we had meant nothing to you. Out of all 10 billion people in the world, I fell for you. I don’t think you understand how beautiful that really is. Out of everyone I’ve ever met, out of all the people I’ve ever had any contact with you were the one I fell for and honestly that is simply amazing. And no matter how many times I tell you this, it still means nothing to…

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