I kinda miss the bond we shared.

I mean, who wouldn’t miss that comfortable feeling with that person?
Where we could talk for hours about everything, anything, and not have a problem with the silence in the middle.

Can’t forget all the ridiculous stuff we did. Stupid or not, everything was just so fun. Endless nights, real talks, the “remember whens”, I remember it all. And it’s funny what life does, how it could just give you things and take it away so soon.

I really can’t get it out of my head that you grow distant from people and that good things come to an end sooner or later. But along the way,

I learned one good thing about life; it goes on, you just gotta pick yourself up and learn to keep up.




I didn’t know what awaited me today, i didn’t know how much things are gonna change.

For in this very day,i would finally have to let go.
My heart aches for every single word you said that day,for the stabs they cause every time I hear them.

Will it get any better? 

No matter the repetitive times these words come out of my mouth, I doubt the existence of a positive answer. That’s what we all want, for the Sun to shine brighter after the rain.

Yet when reality hits you hard,the pain never seem to subside nor do you even feel alive anymore.
Will letting go be better, will being normal friends be as easy as you make it sound?


I know what it’s like to be so mad,

you go into this blind rage and don’t even remember what you said or did. I know what it’s like to be so heartbroken, you can’t even look at yourself in the mirror without bursting into tears.

I know what it’s like to have so many bad things happen to you,you start to lose faith in everything. However, I also know times of pure joy and happiness. And if I can just keep my mind set on those, I know I’ll make it through all of the hard times.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to find the faith I thought I had lost forever



I wish ididn’t waste all those times talking to you or thinking about you.

I wish i didn’t  worry or cared about all the times you ignored me.

I wish i never got excited everytime you made me feel special.

I wish i never believed every word you said.

I wish inever got my hopes high for you.

I wish inever kept trying and trying,knowing iwould just go through the same thing.

Because in the end, the one that gets hurt isn’t you.


it’s me.







You’re the only person that ever made me feel anything, really feel.

Even if it wasn’t always the best of feelings, you’re the only one who could make me smile or tear me down in three seconds flat. You’re the only person that can drive me crazy, in both good and bad ways.

You’re the only person that ever made me feel like I didn’t have to try so hard.

And I know that you’re not okay without me either, or you wouldn’t talk about such things as you do. I just wish you knew I still loved you, and I wish you would do something with that knowledge.

I wish you would grab me and hold me tight in your arms and whisper in my ear how much

you loved me more, like you always did.



You threw her away.


You threw away the girl that would do anything and everything for you.

You threw away the girl that gave her all and trusted you with it. You threw away the girl that put her whole self into being there for you. You threw away the girl that shut every other person out in her life because she told herself she couldn’t trust them. You threw away the girl that sees the entire world in you. You threw away the girl that went through hell just to be with you. You threw away the girl that was willing to wait as long as it took until she could call you hers. You threw away that girl that still wanted you even when you treated her as if she was nothing. You threw away the girl that spent days/weeks in hoping you two could be together eventually. You threw away the girl that stays up at night, wondering if you’re okay. You threw away the girl that continued to do so much for you even though she got nothing in return.

You threw away the girl that didn’t listen to the bad things that others said about you. You threw away the girl that would do anything in the world for you. You threw her away. And guess what? You lost her.



Finally! ( Hindi ito Ariel Commercial ha. Tigilan niyo ako.) Nakamove-on nako. ‘Moved-on**d**’

May ‘d’ kase past tense, lols . Nalampasan kona ang pinakamalupit na yugto ng buhay ko. Hashtag New me. Pang Version 2.o.

At siyempre, dahil stronger nako than yesterday kagaya ng kanta ni Tita Britney Spears , eto lang yung nasabi ko nung nabalitaan kong in-a-relationship na pala (which never inamin dahil wala ngang label pa, believe me don din papunta yan. Chusera to’)  agad yung Ex mong tukmol which is maliit na bagay lang naman  kase nga, nakamoved-on nako. 

And iwas kinda like,

  • “Hala!! Lumipad yung pake ko… Pakihabol.”
  • “Punta lang akong basement ha. Andun ata yung pake ko, nakapark.”
  • “Eto google map. Pakihanap ng pake ko.”
  • “Basta pag nakita mo na yung pake ko wag mo na isoli ha? Labyu.
  • “Wag ka magalala. Nireport ko na sa mga pulis yung nawawala kong pake.”
  • “Uy favor. Nahulog yung pake ko sa’yo sa inidoro. Pakipulot naman. :(”
  • “Sorry po. Out of stock na yung pake ko.”
  • “Yung pake ko lumipad sa langit di ko na nakita pumutok na pala.”
  • Breaking News: Nawala yung pake ko.
  • Wag ka mag-alala. IpapaLBC ko na lang pag nahanap ko na yung pake ko ha.
  • Nasa Lost and Found ata yung pake ko. Pwede mo bang tingnan?
  • Shitt!! Dumaan yung truck ng basura kanina. Nasama yung pake ko sayo.
  • Limited edition ang pake ko. Pasensiya ka na ha, walang natira para sayo.“
  • “Yung pake ko sa’yo nangibang bansa. Paki sundo nalang sa Airport.”
  • Tignan mo nga baka nasa Lost and Found yung pake ko sayo.
  • !!!! F O R S A L E !!!!

Product: yung pake ko

Condition: 10/10 Brand New



Pero deep inside, gusto kong isalpak sa pwet ko ang lahat ng sinabi ko. Gusto kong manilkluhod, gumapang at magsumamo para sabihin sa kanyang,

“Ako na lang. Ako na lang ulet.”

At yun nga, Balik  na naman sa simula. wtf? lols. kbye te.