When You Fall.

Imagine that point of time where you wanted to give up so badly then but you didn’t and look how far you’ve been right now.

We don’t prove people wrong by doing this but we prove ourselves wrong for having the mindset of losing hope.Why do we constantly bring ourselves down to the bottom of the sea when we can be the life vest?

Let me tell you something I’ve learnt with what has happened in the past.

I was once someone who chooses to stay on the ground once I fell because I thought eventually I’d get back up sooner or later.

I let time do it’s job but t’was wrong of me.

One thing we humans don’t remember everytime is how beautiful life can be after that storm has passed .Because as human we often underestimate our capability of overcoming endeavours or in other words, how strong we can be.

So don’t ever give up no matter how many times you fall on theground because eventually what awaits you after that storm is so overwhelming you’ll forget your sufferings back then.


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My deadly hobby.

Have you ever read something that killed you inside?

like a text message or someone’s status.

Everything was going fine until you accidentally came across something you didn’t want to read.

Or you found out something you were batter off not knowing.

It’s almost as if it was posted just to purposely hurt you.

But you constantly read it over again to torture yourself.

IKR. this kind of hobby sucks.




Stick with friends who saw you, when nobody else did.

Stick with friends who you can call assholes, and know it’s a code word for I love you.

Stick with friends who look at your mistakes, and think it’s fucking awesome.

Stick with friends who don’t care when you’re crying, because they know you’re stronger than that.

Stick with friends who were true to you from the very start.


Let’s find our way back.

We may not be together right now,we may miss the times we’ve both shared,we may ache for the presence of each other.

The reason I let you go and this time around with a clear intention has a lot of reasons tied to it actually. Clearing all my doubts about the relationship and hearing those words directly from you helped to shape my mindset about our situation then.I still care for you,there are times I miss you and there is absolutely still love.

But the reason I chose to settle for this is simple.I want you to overcome your problems and to be able to do so without being in a commitment. But I’m going to be here for you and offer you the best possible friendship/companionship I can without crossing the line (I’ll fckng try)

The time will come when you’ll finally be able to have the rainbow after the rain. There are chances that there might be someone else who’ll enter our lives during this period( well, in this part you already did right? Lols). I am well aware of this but I’m accepting this merely because I choose to believe it happens for a reason.When the time comes that you finally have the good old days again then I’ll be happy for you. I choose to let you go now because I believe that when the love is real,no matter the time apart and the people you meet,you’ll eventually find your way back into each other’s arms.

I believe that anything can happen within this period of time but if we manage to find our way back into love,I am going to say this with a strong conviction. I am not going to let you go anymore because then I can say you’re really my destined partner. Always trust God because his intentions are always for your own good and you may suffer now,but the good things will eventually outweigh the sufferings you’ve gone through.


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My heart exploded today like a hemorrhagic stroke.


Maybe it was all the pain coming back at one go,hitting me hard like a storm.
The ache lasted for a long, long time but it’s not even enough to show how much hurt and pain I had deep inside my heart.It’s like a volcano,nevertheless it had to erupt we just never knew when exactly it will.
The pain that erupted was for all the people I’ve lost even when they’re still there.

For I know that whatever bond we had before cannot happen again. Because there is this barrier that through time became stronger.Things happened too,new people came and even if I wanted to be a part of their life,they already have someone who completes their life.

It’s like putting a scotch tape on an already glued paper together. The glue has already done the job so what is the use of using another alternative, the scotch tape when the purpose has been fulfilled? This is what I truly feel and that is why I chose to let go of certain people. I chose to let other people give you the happiness on my behalf because I knew they are far more important than I am and that my loss is nothing compared to losing them.

Sometimes in life people do sacrifices secretly for the people they love & even if they continue to suffer,they keep it all in to themselves and push on. I always believe that these kind of people deserve happiness more than any other people. They could have the happiness they deserved yet they have chosen to give it to other people.

This is something rare that people do but it is a sign of bravery that truly deserves something wonderful in return.


This is my story and how I truly feel about you.
Sometimes I pray I could just runaway from all these pain because honestly speaking,it can really save me a lot.



Say something, I’m giving up on you. I’ll be the one, if you want me to

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Honestly, hindi ko gets kung bakit niya talaga ako iniwan.

Kung anong meron yung bago niyang girlfriend na wala ako. Sabi naman niya sa’kin noon, sobrang mahal niya raw ‘ko at walang makakahigit sa’kin.

Kaya ngayon, sobrang insecure ako sa bago niya. Biruin mo nga naman, nahigitan ako nung babaeng yun, tapos sasabihin niyang walang makakahigit sa’kin? Patawa lang?

Di ko rin maintindihan yung sinabi niyang sobrang mahal niya raw ako pero mas pinili niya pa rin yung isang yun.

Siguro kasi…walang makakahigit din sa babaeng yun para sa kanya. HAHAHA! Gaguhan lang!? 😂

Ginawa ko naman ang lahat ng gusto niya. Minahal ko siya ng walang kapalit, naging loyal ako sa kanya, at halos humiwalay na ‘ko sa mga kaibigan at pamilya ko para lang sa kanya. Sabi pa nga ng iba ay bihira raw sa babae ang katulad kong magmahal.

Sa kanya na kasi umikot ang mundo ko.

Iba rin kasi ang sayang nararamdaman ko kapag kasama ko siya, kaya mahirap siyang kalimutan. Yung ngiti niya, yung mainit na yakap na kahit nasa Alaska siguro kami o Canada ay hindi ako makakaramdam ng lamig.

At kapag hawak niya ang kamay ko? Pakiramdam ko ay hindi na siya mawawala 💔
Uhm,Mahal mo pa kaya ako?


Whatever .|.


Hay nako ha, mapapa’kanta kana nalang talaga ee. lols


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