Dear Cheating Cunt that once my Buddy,

Hey There! 🙂

You got in our relationship when you were too young and now you miss the days when you were able to just f*ck with whomever you wanted to. Maybe you used to be happy and now things changed, you got into a routine, everything seems boring and annoying, and where the f*ck did the “spark” go? Maybe you’re with the wrong person, or maybe there is nothing wrong but everything just feels wrong. Whatever it is that you justify yourself for cheating – it’s bullsh*t.

Grow the fuck up, buddy.

You’ll never have a relationship where the “spark” holds on forever. Being in love usually grows into something better. It grows into loving someone, despite their flaws and imperfections, not just being in love (a difference you should know). If you think you’ll find someone you will be madly in love with, will want to hang out with 24/7 and have sex with every 60 seconds for the rest of your life, good luck buddy.

So when you find yourself in a situation where you are not happy anymore and start walking on the edge of doing something wrong, that is BS.  I know you do this, because I’ve been that woman you’ve talked to in the bar, at the party, at work.

Lesbos like you disgust me, whoever says these assh*les have something more to them,  I don’t see it. Most of the time I feel an urge to throw up and just punch you in the face hard, when a girl like you, who is obviously in a committed relationship, hits on me.

No harm done, right? If she doesn’t know, why would she care? And it doesn’t really mean anything anyway; you can always go back to your relationship or walk away if this is more fun. I’m pretty sure if you have these idiotic double standards you would not mind if your new girlfriend sleeping in your bed, kissing you goodnight after she just sucked someone else’s face (not to mention sexting her church mate too. lols) . No harm done. Right?

The problem is, all this means you will disrespect and hurt someone you once loved.

The difference between you and people who might have thought about cheating but never did, is that they had the balls and the integrity to stand up and make a decision. If you are at peace with your choice of cheating, then grab your tiny imaginary balls and go up to the person you once loved and tell her before you go f*ck someone else. Why wouldn’t you tell? Don’t you have good reasons to cheat, isn’t that what you keep telling yourself? Give your partner the same choice you are making when you chose to go to someone else to get what you were missing.

As you make a list of all the reasons you are cheating to justify yourself, or even if you feel you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone, you should ask yourself how you would feel if someone treated you the same way. You might say you don’t care. Bullsh*t. You probably have the biggest ego, the smallest imaginary dick and the most fear of being treated like you treat others.

Here’s my advice, if you are headed in the cheating direction… be a man (don’t act just like it, be it), have the balls to step up and either make the choice to leave or try to work on your relationship (Fyi, the mere fact that you entertained someone with even a pint of malice means that you already cheated, not labeling something wont save ur ass buddy, imean who the fuck needs a label when you do stuffs like that right ? lols). Be honest, learn how to make tough decisions and treat people with respect. If you are not man enough to do that, I hope you end up alone and miserable.

I can only speak from a woman’s point of view and my female perspective, which doesn’t mean I agree with people who cheat. It’s the same bullsh*t.

Love is a rare commodity, buddy. Think long and hard before you throw it away. So don’t be an assh*le, and please stop hitting on me, I want no part of your sad life.



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