Let’s find our way back.

We may not be together right now,we may miss the times we’ve both shared,we may ache for the presence of each other.

The reason I let you go and this time around with a clear intention has a lot of reasons tied to it actually. Clearing all my doubts about the relationship and hearing those words directly from you helped to shape my mindset about our situation then.I still care for you,there are times I miss you and there is absolutely still love.

But the reason I chose to settle for this is simple.I want you to overcome your problems and to be able to do so without being in a commitment. But I’m going to be here for you and offer you the best possible friendship/companionship I can without crossing the line (I’ll fckng try)

The time will come when you’ll finally be able to have the rainbow after the rain. There are chances that there might be someone else who’ll enter our lives during this period( well, in this part you already did right? Lols). I am well aware of this but I’m accepting this merely because I choose to believe it happens for a reason.When the time comes that you finally have the good old days again then I’ll be happy for you. I choose to let you go now because I believe that when the love is real,no matter the time apart and the people you meet,you’ll eventually find your way back into each other’s arms.

I believe that anything can happen within this period of time but if we manage to find our way back into love,I am going to say this with a strong conviction. I am not going to let you go anymore because then I can say you’re really my destined partner. Always trust God because his intentions are always for your own good and you may suffer now,but the good things will eventually outweigh the sufferings you’ve gone through.


Why do we push love away? Let’s don’t wait till the water runs dry. (Click the link)






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