When You Fall.

Imagine that point of time where you wanted to give up so badly then but you didn’t and look how far you’ve been right now.

We don’t prove people wrong by doing this but we prove ourselves wrong for having the mindset of losing hope.Why do we constantly bring ourselves down to the bottom of the sea when we can be the life vest?

Let me tell you something I’ve learnt with what has happened in the past.

I was once someone who chooses to stay on the ground once I fell because I thought eventually I’d get back up sooner or later.

I let time do it’s job but t’was wrong of me.

One thing we humans don’t remember everytime is how beautiful life can be after that storm has passed .Because as human we often underestimate our capability of overcoming endeavours or in other words, how strong we can be.

So don’t ever give up no matter how many times you fall on theground because eventually what awaits you after that storm is so overwhelming you’ll forget your sufferings back then.


We talk about our future like we had a clue,never planned that one day I’d be losing you.. (click the link)




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