When i see you again.

Few months passed by.

I wanted to know, curiosity kept bugging me to know whether what I thought I felt all this while can be justified. Not a moment passed by that it didn’t dawn on me how things have changed between us. With every bit of happiness I felt in my bones,I had to immediately remind myself of the reality I’m accepting day by day. That the happiness could no longer cross the wall we’ve slowly built for the past months.

That brief moment of contact at first was enough to keep my heart beating fast. But with every hug we exchanged, all I wanted right then was to stop the clock from ticking, to make the world stop. For us to continue being wrapped around each other’s arms ,for us to never let go and leave.I captured that moment and registered every single detail of what I felt on my mind. Because I know there can never be a repeat of that moment, I chose to let my guard down and enjoy the comfort of your presence. The hint of regret and longing in your eyes were enough to make my heart ache more than I thought it would.I could sense how much you missed me just by how much you never wanted to let me go then.

That was when it hit me hard. I never knew letting you go was going to be that painful, I never knew bidding you farewell was going to hurt so much and I never knew that to see you leave with that uncertainty of it happening again is close to nil will ache this badly.

This felt more like a goodbye rather than an I’ll see you again.

I needed you to think of everything,to not regret so badly because you claim to not know what you want. I want to see you be brave,no matter if it’s for me or someone else.I hope your decision will be something that you won’t ever fully regret and carry in your conscience for the next few years. I hope that you fight for what truly makes you happy.

I hope few years down the road if you see me with someone else, it won’t be regret but rather happiness that you feel.


You and me, we made a vow for better or for worse. I can’t believe you let me down </3 (click the link)





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