To unlove and To unwrite the past.

My past is one person I used to love. I loved dearly. I’m quite shivery writing about her. This person tested my every capability, my every potential of loving. There is not much to be discussed or to be mentioned about this person but I do want to say thanks to her. I figured I have to reveal something someday, guess that’s now.

If you have loved, you have lost.

iDon’t feel too bad about it — sometimes things just don’t work out, people change, or maybe you weren’t right for each other in the first place. It is what happens after a relationship has ended that matters. Move on, let go, and make the best of things. But the question remains, can you really unlove someone and somehow unwrite the past?

Go back to the place where it all began, and learn to love the memories without them.

Wake up and stretch into all the empty space in your bed, because you have grown into something larger than they could ever contain.

Give yourself a second chance to be loved, but this time, don’t make it someone else’s job.

Buy yourself an ice cream or a cookie you always love, watch cheesy movies with yourself, and find the love you deserve buried within.

iLearn to forgive myself for letting them steal so much of my energy and thoughts of you, even after the warmth of your body was long forgotten. I have loved you so long that i forgot what it felt like, because every time it crossed my mind, i can feel your hands on my body.

Bite your upper lip, and learn to say love without whispering their name.

What happened could never be undone, life doesn’t have an ‘undo’ button to remove a wrong move, more like a touch move. Though, there is such a thing called forgiveness. It doesn’t actually make you forget things which I have read a hundred times but finally absorbed it through my own experience. Forgiveness makes it a little lighter though.

Little is good, little by little at least is how I’ve made it.

Our heart is a house so full of cobwebs, I can’t tell if the lights are on, or if anyone is home. It’s time to clean d’ house 😁. Change the locks to your front door, so you can stop hoping that they kept your key and are coming .

Throw out their old stuff and stop buying their favorite food. This is going to hurt and you are going to suffer for it, but like battling cancer, this is a fight i will win, because i have so much to live for, without them holding me down.

Climb a mountain and see how the landscape is beautiful, scars and all. Beautiful.

We are brighter than the farthest stars, so shine knowing that there are no words for describing your worth. It is just common knowledge.

Doesn’t matter anymore how many sleepless nights, how many tears i’ve shed out of self-pity from looking like a public clown, how many shots i’ve raised with a hope i’ll forget the next morning, it won’t matter anymore. Everything won’t matter including the sacrifices and emotional investments you’ve put.

It’s okay to let that go to waste rather than you looking like a waste.

Here’s to starting over again!




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