I don’t want a half-baked love.

I’m at the point in my life when realizations came sweeping me. I came to realize that love is not about intimacy , but rather of consistency. 
A love that sustains is what I’m in search for.

I don’t want someone who only gives me butterflies on my tummy , but eventually leaves when I reach on my peak of emotions.
I don’t want someone who holds my hand tight at the beginning , and loosen up when things went wrong at end .

I want someone who stays , not someone who plays .

I want a relationship, not just a mere hooked up.

I want someone who sees me as his “lifetime” , not just for “spare time”.

I want someone who sees me as a choice , not just one of his options .

I want someone who “prays” with me , not someone who “preys” on me.
Because I want a love that lasts , a love that endures . It may took long for me to find the one , but I rather wait than end up with regrets .